Fiorotto Wines


Azienda Agricola Fiorotto started in 1934, when its founder Vittorio Fiorotto moved with his wife and children from Lancenigo to Nervesa della Battaglia, a little town in the North East of Italy, sourrounded by rolling hills and the river Piave. The company took its first steps with a set of ten head of cattle, a few rows of vines, cereal fields and several meadows.

Passion and experience have been inherited from generations, leading the company to increase activities and farmed surface, especially in the wine industry. Over time the business has specialised in management of third-party vineyards, adopting manual and mechanical agronomic techniques and providing consultation services. Currently the farm complex extends for 120 ha, including the several properties, rented and loan for use land.
Of the 120 ha, 17 are covered in vineyards, 3 in woods and the remaining hectars are used either to cultivate cereals or as meadows with the aim of producing nutrition for the 180 head of cattle located in the farm.

Lately the management of the company has handed over the fourth generation. The willpower of Daniele, Marina and Andrea, together with their families, led to the creation of Società Agricola Vittoria ss, a new large company that carries on the legacy and business developed through the years. Strong of a profound knowledge and love for the fruits of an ancient land that tastes of innovation, Fiorotto family introduces today its wines.

“A bottle of wine begs to be shared; I have never met a miserly wine lover”