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Excellent sparkling wine with a strong personality.
It is the result of middle September handpicked Glera grapes in the family vineyard.

After the grapes are gently pressed, the fermentation takes place at a regulated temperature. Following is a perfecting in steel tanks and finally the wine matures in the bottle.

Light straw yellow in colour, it is portrayed by a vast variety of aromas at smell and palate, primarily flowers and white berry fruits.

Serve at 7/8 °C temperature.

Dry at the taste, Prosecco DOC Brut enhances especially fish based dishes. Sparkling wine for the entire meal, it is an exellent wine to sample.

A little bit of history

Giovanni Della Casa (1503-1556), better known as Monsignor Della Casa was an Italian intellectual, writer and catholic archbishop, of Florentine origins. He was especially known as the author of a manual of good manners: “Galateo overo de’ costumi”.
Famous for his mundane life in Rome and Venice, Monsignor Della Casa never recieved the cardinal’s purple and after the death of his protector Alessandro Farnese, he fell into ruin. He retired in the Abbey of Saint Eustachio, a Benedictine monastery situated on a slope of the Montello hill in the town of Nervesa della Battaglia. Presumably this is the place where he wrote his famous “Galateo”, dedicated to Monsignor Galeazzo Florimonte (1484-1565), who was an Italian bishop, humanist, intellectual and reformer.
We took inspiration from these historical and romantic figures to create an elegant and refined line of sparkling wines of great value. Our purpose is to let our unique products accompany you through the good manners of sipping to unviel a sensorial experience that tastes of tradition and passion.

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