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The prince of Glera-based sparkling wines from the Fiorotto Wine Collection. Compared to extra dry sparkling wines, Prosecco Brut has a lower sugar residue. It is produced with Glera grapes harvested exclusively
by hand in the oldest vineyard of the company whose plant dates back to 1969.
With its strong personality, served cool at 7-8 ° C, it perfectly accompanies any meal, from aperitifs to desserts; dry in the mouth, it enhances fish dishes and is perfect as a tasting glass.
It is vinified with soft pressing and ferments at controlled temperatures. This is followed by a refinement in steel tanks with subsequent aging in the bottle.

Excellent sparkling wine with a strong personality.
It is the result of middle September handpicked Glera grapes in the family vineyard. After the grapes are gently pressed, the fermentation takes place at a regulated temperature. Following is a perfecting in steel tanks and finally the wine matures in the bottle. Light straw yellow in color, it is portrayed by a vast variety of aromas at smell and palate, primarily flowers and white berry fruits. Serves at 7/8 ° C temperatures. Dry at the taste, Prosecco DOC Brut enhances especially fish based dishes. Sparkling wine for the entire meal, it is an exellent wine to sample.

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