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Brut sparkling wine obtained from 100% Pinot Nero grapes. It is vinified with soft pressing and ferments at controlled temperatures. The pink color results from the very short maceration of the skins which are soon separated (draining). This is followed by a refinement in steel tanks with subsequent aging in the bottle. Dry, fine and elegant sparkling wine. Pale pink in color, it has a fine and pleasantly persistent perlage. The hints of cherry jam, wild strawberry and raspberry leave room for a light note of yeast. Fragrant aroma, balanced taste, minerality and marked freshness. Extraordinary aperitif, it is able to sustain with
great pleasure throughout the meal. Serve cool at 5/7 ° C.

Sparkling wine from 100% Pinot Noir grapes. After the grapes are gently pressed, the fermentation takes place at a regulated temperature. The pomace is early separated from the must and it leaves a pink blush to the juice, that refines in steel tanks and finally matures in the bottle. Dry, graceful and elegant, this sparkling wine has a pale pink color and a refined and persistent perlage. The fragrance of cherry, wild berries and raspberry jam offers space to a faint scent of yeast. Fragrant perfume, balanced taste, mineral and pronounced freshness. Fiorosa is not only an extraordinary aperitif wine, but it can pleasantly accompany the entire meal. Serves at 5/7 ° C temperatures.

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