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The sweetest sparkling wine produced by Fiorotto Wine. Produced with Glera grapes and local biotypes, this sparkling wine has a higher sugar residue, compared to a brut sparkling wine, precisely to make it more lovable. Its delicately fruity bouquet with notes of apple, vanilla and lily of the valley make it perfect to accompany  aperitifs and fish-based meals. Its being a little sweeter, and the  ideal feature to be consumed together with desserts. Drank  fresh at 7-8 ° C it is also excellent with sushi and cheeses. The color is yellow  pale straw yellow with greenish reflections.
They are also found on the palate  recognizable hints of fruit and flowers

Sparkling wine with a  delicately fruity  bouquet. From  middle  September handpicked Gera grapes-  After the grapes are genty  pressed, the fermentation takes place at a  regulated temperature  Following is a perfecting in steel tanks and finally the wine matures in  the bottle. Light straw yellow in color with greenish reflection. it has a  distinctive bouquet, lightly fruity with scent of apple and vanilla.
  palate distinct fragrance of fruits and flowers.  It is served at 7/8 ° C  temperature to intensify the taste and release the perfume. Elegant  sparkling wine for the entire meal, Prosecco DOC Extra Dry is also  excellent for the aperitif.

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