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Passion and experience have been handed down from father to son, leading the company to increase its activities and cultivated areas, especially in the wine sector, by carrying out manual and mechanical agronomic processes and providing consultancy services.

The Fiorotto family offers its wines today, thanks to a great experience and a love for the fruits of a territory that has the ancient flavor of innovation.

"There is a book that is always open for all eyes: nature"

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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teaches us that
our homeland is the world "

Always attentive to sustainability, the company has adopted the integrated production system or integrated agriculture , a production system with low environmental impact, halfway between the conventional and organic regime.The main areas of application of integrated agriculture are: fertilization, processing of terrain, control  of weeds and defense  of vegetables. The brand  SQNPI (quality system  national integrated production), certifies  the  agricultural production ed  agro-industrial products obtained  accordance with
at the  norm  production  integrated.

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